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Hi! My name is Elizabeth Cunningham and I'm a Transformational Love and Life Coach. What does that mean exactly? Check out the About Page via the navigation bar at the top of the site.

What I'm all about is self-expression. I want you to be fully you. I want you to move from "I don't know what TF I'm doing or how to do it." to "Holy S*** I love myself so deeply, I express myself fully and I have the relationships and life I didn't even know I could ask for."

I specialize in helping women, non binary folks, queer, questioning and non monogamous people.

I love working with these communities because I'm a part of them! I identify as a queer, polyamorous woman and I've been serving these communities since 2009.

Transformational Love & Life Coach

Whether I’m coaching, teaching, speaking, or consulting, my goal is to help you move through blocks, break past patterns, move from doubt and fear to courage and love, giving you the tools that you need to be confident in having and creating the relationships you truly want.

‍When we’re talking about relationships outside of monogamy, it can be scary, uncertain, confusing, frustrating, and just downright challenging. From being misunderstood, dismissed, or even belittled (I’m so sorry that’s happened!), to not having any examples of what to do or feeling unsure of how polyamory works… phew… there’s a lot. And that is exactly why I do what I do. I have been practicing polyamory since 2010 and I’ve studied and worked in the field of sex, love, and relationships since 2008. I use both my personal and professional experience to give you the template you need to build your relationships with honesty, integrity, and, of course, a lot of love and compassion.

Love Mastery

The Queer & Non Monogamous Coaches Certification

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Love Deeper E-Workbook

The workbook with the exercises and tools I use with my clients to help them through my framework or eight anchor points to have happy, healthy and harmonious non monogamous relationships.

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Jared Lim, Business Coach

Elizabeth has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past year. She's not only one of the most positive people I've ever worked with, she's probably one of the most positive and inspiring people I've ever met.  Her energy, determination and passion is contagious. Coaching Elizabeth has given me the opportunity to get to know her on a deep level and I can say with absolute certainty that Elizabeth truly cares about the people she serves and the mission she's pursuing. She is a powerful transformational coach and leader who is committed to and gifted in getting people the results that they desire. If you ever have the chance to work with Elizabeth I'd highly recommend that you do whatever it takes to make it happen, you won't regret it!

Spencer Tribwell

Thank you for being such a rock for my growth and achieving my wildest dreams!


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Head Coach

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Operations Lead

Lyra Salazar

Social Media and Leads Specialist

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