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The Queer & Non Monogamous Relationship Coaches Certification and Business Development Program!

In this Program, you will get certified in being able to serve your clients in the areas of love, sex and relationships and making a huge difference in their lives!

Often times in certification programs you leave feeling on top of the world with this incredible new skill but then have no clue how to actually turn this new magical super power into actually getting clients and starting your full time or part time business.

That's why I've created these programs. So you can take your passion and drive for helping people and make it into your full reality.

I am excited that you're here!

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2024 Growing Your Business Program begins August 7, 2024

Are you already certified, trained or degreed and want to start your business to serve the LGBTQIA+, non monogamous and/or sex positive communities? But even though you're an excellent practitioner you realize that starting a business is an entirely new skill to learn? AND most business advice doesn't work for you, how you want to do business and the people you want to serve?

Join our tailored business development program designed for dedicated practitioners like you. Elevate your impact and build an ethical, thriving coaching business serving LGBTQIA+, non-monogamous, and sex-positive communities.

2025 Relationship Coaching Certification Begins February 7th

Become a certified relationship coach for queer and non-monogamous individuals. Start your business and help clients create deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

What is the Love Mastery Coaches Certification and Business Development Program??

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I'd love to have a conversation with you about what works!

Do you want to become a relationship coach?

But not just any relationship coach. Not a ‘I give really good advice coach on Instagram.’ Not a ‘traditional’ relationship coach. Not a ‘lead a horse to water’ and hope they drink it coach.

I mean - do you want to be able to be the guide, mentor and coach to people so that they feel empowered with the tools and ability to create the relationship(s) that really sing?

More like a relationship magician.

But, we can't just stop there.

Do you not only want to have the know-how to be a relationship magician but also be able to start your own coaching business?

To be able to actually work with your ideal clients and get paid doing something that you love and is super meaningful to you?

Or maybe you’re already a relationship coach with a business and you want to deepen your skills in helping the people you serve and grow your business?

Then you’re in the right place. 

What people miss when considering being a coach

When you are looking to become a relationship coach for queer and non monogamous people, there are a few things that you ought to know. 

Coaching is not advice

Getting certified as a relationship coach is different from giving someone relationship advice.

Relationship advice comes from your own experience, how you view the world and generally what has worked for you.

Relationship coaching comes from proven methodologies based on relationship principles, research on how people operate in relationships, communication principles, why people act the way they do, and other factors based on the program or the program’s facilitators background and areas of expertise.

Coaching in the LGBTQIA+ and Non Monogamous Communities is a Specialty

Learning how to be a relationship coach specifically for queer and non monogamous people is going to be different than a general relationship coaching certification.

Many relationship coaching certifications are primarily based on hetero and mononormative relationships. You can absolutely use some of what you would learn, cherry pick it, and apply it to polyamorous, non monogamous or queer relationships. I know, because that's what I've had to do since 2008.

However, one of the reasons why people who already have some sort of training in relationships (whether that be coaching, therapy or any other healing modality), seek out trainings and certifications like this is because queer and non monogamous people face specific challenges both inside and outside of their relationships that cannot get addressed by looking from a hetero-mononormative lens. 

Coaching and Acquiring Clients are Two Separate Skills

The third thing that people run into when they are looking at becoming a queer and/or non monogamous relationship coach is that, yes, you are coming from a place of wanting to help people, but… where are these people coming from? It is one thing to learn to be a relationship coach, it is another thing to get clients

Whether you are wanting to coach part time with 1 - 5 clients at a time or you're looking to fill a full roster of clients every week, finding and connecting with clients is a skill, which is great news! If acquiring clients is a skill, you can learn it!

Most coaching programs will teach you and certify you on how to be a coach, but very few will teach you how to start and run your coaching business. 

How does this program work?

I want you to find your way. 

Stick with me for a sec. 

I have a few principles that I operate by as a coach. 

The first is...

It all starts with you. 

In moving through this program, you will be your first client. You will apply all of the principles and processes to you, your relationships and your business (even if you don’t have one yet). When you go through these processes and apply these principles to your life, you will gain an embodied clarity and natural empathy for your clients and what they’re dealing with. Plus, your life and your relationships will get even better! And that will make you even more attractive as a coach. 

The second is...

There is no right way. I truly believe that there is no “right” way to do relationships and to do your business. 

The first thing that people say to this is, “Yeah, but there certainly are wrong ways.”

Let me see if I can shift your perspective on that. 

Instead of looking at it from the perspective of there are “right” and “wrong” ways to do things, I take on the perspective that there are things that “work” and things that “don’t work.” 

Things that may work in your relationship may not work for other people. 

Heck, we can just look at polyamorous relationships for this incredible example. You can have multiple partners and something that might work with one partner, may not work for another partner. 

And that’s because we have different backgrounds, traumas, communication styles, wants, needs and on and on. 

So if we take on the perspective that some things are “right” and “wrong” in relationships, then when those “right” things don’t work for some people, they feel wrong.

And when you feel wrong, that induces shame. And when we feel shame, we get stuck in unhealthy patterns, we get traumatized, we traumatize others, we stop communicating, we get frustrated, etc. You’ve experienced shame. How well did shame work for you as a learning tool for healthy relationships?


So when we apply this principle of there is no “right” way, there is just what works and what doesn’t work, and different things work for different people, to both relationships and business, where does that leave us?

The third is...

That leaves us with what I call ‘anchor points.’

Which is the third principle I operate and teach from as a coach.

These anchor points of relationships and of business, create a framework for each person to construct their own blueprints from.

When you are an architect, you don’t learn how to build one type of building. There isn’t a “right” building and a “wrong” building. There are foundational tools for constructing buildings that lay the foundation and create the integrity of each building. 

It’s the same with relationships and with business. 

When you learn these foundational anchor points, you can apply them to your relationships, your coaching and your business.

From there, you will be able to help your clients in whatever dynamic they are in so that it works for them.

Simultaneously, you’ll be able to create your own relationships and business in ways that work best for YOU. 

The fourth principle I operate on as a coach is...

Getting to the source of whatever is going on with my clients and I will teach you how to do the same. 

What do I mean by that?

I mean that when our clients come to us with a problem in their relationships, they will usually share the problem as it appears on the surface. Or they will share the problem and the solution that they want, as it appears on the surface. 

An example being, there was something that happened that broke trust in the relationship. So they come to you and say, “We are having difficulty with our communication and need some help.”

Great. You can absolutely give them communication tools to use. However, the best communication tools are not going to fully repair the broken trust since unhealthy communication is not the source of the issue. 

Whenever something happens in a relationship, it has a deeper impact on us as humans.

Sticking with this example, there could now be thoughts of doubts from one of the partners. There could also be an emotional charge from the scenario, where one partner will now get triggered whenever something similar happens, even with the new communication tool that they have . Or perhaps, when the original event happened, one or both partners experienced a trigger that had nothing to do with that moment. For example, a wound from their childhood comes up. 

So with all that is at play and in digging into and finding the source (or sources) of the upset from that situation, we not only have the opportunity to fully heal from this one instance, but even begin to heal deeper wounds.

This will serve to help the partners understand one another better, gain more compassion and empathy for one another, be more connected and by doing

that, communication will improve. 

By going to the source of an issue, the surface level problem tends to get worked out naturally in the process. 

Ready to go?

Have questions?

If you don't see the options


you don't see an option that works for you,

please contact me (Elizabeth) at

[email protected]

(that's love @ elizabeth ann cunningham . com).

Email headline 'Love Mastery Certification Questions'

I'd love to have a conversation with you about what works!

Your Trainer

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Cunningham. I am a Relationship Artist and CEO at Speaking Love LLC. I have a degree in Political Science and Gender & Sexuality with an emphasis in Religion and a Certificate in Service Learning. Basically, I studied gender politics and the ways in which sexuality and gender are influenced by society and earned part of my degree by creating and organizing projects to help the community.

After graduating I made programs, trainings and lead talks at a Domestic Violence Center in Kansas for three years. But I truly believe that what you speak into the world expands, and I wanted to start talking about how to be in healthy relationships rather than how to get out of unhealthy ones. 

I moved to Seattle and started coaching people one on one in transformational leadership in 2016 with Landmark Education. I then had people begin to approach me about coaching them in polyamory given that I am polyamorous and my background is in sexuality and relationships.

My business began as a side hustle in 2017, where I was mainly getting clients through word of mouth. Then I took my business full time in 2020 during the pandemic and created a 6 figure business in 6 months. I continued my education and training with the Erotic Blueprints™ and Accelerated Evolution Transformational Life Coaching. I also re-upped my education in gender and sexuality and being a trauma-informed coach.

My mission is to help people find peace and acceptance for all parts of themselves so they can be fully present in their lives and relationships to cultivate unconditional love.

My goal is for everyone to be able to be their authentic selves, create the relationships that truly work for them and their partner/s and to have a ton of fun doing it.

It has been my absolute pleasure, joy and calling to be able to coach people in non traditional relationships, love, gender, sexuality and eroticism.

The thing that I love most about helping people with queer and polyamorous relationships that is also a business philosophy I have is that you get to create exactly what you want. You get to discover what you want. You get to learn more about how you can create your life: not society, not following any "should's", not what your partner, or friends or family think, no. It all gets to be created by you.

Does that mean you get to be a brat and disregard people's feelings? No! (Unless it's consensual then live your kinky life. Love that for you!)

What it means is that you get to take down all of the "should's" and "supposed-to's" in it ALL. Then, from the truest version of yourself, you get to make the difference you want to make, with the people you want to make it with, in the most authentic way possible that has everyone feel honored and empowered.

Queer & Non Monogamous Relationship Coaching Certification

This program is broken up into two main parts: the coaches certification and business building. 

What you can expect from both parts is to be mentored and guided by myself and to have a cohort of people of varying levels of expertise in their own right, learning beside you and growing with you. 

This is not a ‘do it alone’ program. This is a community. How you will get the most out of this program is being with myself and your cohort. We know that learning as a group accelerates growth, fosters more creativity, adds accountability and just generally makes learning more fun (which is scientifically proven to make you learn faster!)

Part One: Coaching Certification

This will be 5 months (February to June) of training to be a relationship wizard who uses their power for all the juicy goodness that helps people build healthy relationships.

Be warned, this training starts with you. YOU will be getting coached on everything you are training inside of. You will be up-leveling your own integrity, relationships, sexuality and more! 

Relationships are experiential and we are much better guides when we have been through what we’re coaching our clients in. 

The guide I use for coaching coaches is similar to the layout of the Love Deeper Coaching Program I created for people who want to have healthy, happy non monogamous relationships that truly sing. 

I will be taking you “behind the scenes” into the modalities and methods that I use to take people from wherever they are at in relationships to wherever it is that they’d like to be. 

My approach uses all four points of awareness, which is visual, cognitive, emotional and somatic. Said simply, when our minds, our hearts and our nervous system are in sync, our life and our relationships just work. 

I’ll be training you in different methods and modalities to do just that.

After this program you will have the skills to be able to have your clients minds, hearts and nervous system all on the same page so that they can be in the driver's seat of their life and naturally make the decisions that will lead them down their authentic path. 

In coaching people in relationships, what I have discovered in using this approach is that my clients begin to create the love in their life effortlessly, truly almost as if it is magic.

I break it down by month

Month One: Cognition

Our thoughts and our beliefs shape what we see to be possible for ourselves and our relationships.

If we believe that we don't deserve love, or if we think that relationships can only be so good, we have capped ourselves. Because we only act on what we believe to be true and possible.

The problem is, we're really bad at predicting what is actually available to us, what we could ask for, what we could take action on or what we could create in our lives.

So in this module, I will teach you how to coach someone, into being able to see how their own thoughts and beliefs are limiting what's possible for them.

This doesn't happen by telling them. They have to discover it themselves. This is where the artistry comes in.

How do you help someone discover for themselves that they have limiting thoughts AND THEN help them discover for themselves what's actually possible?

That's what I'll teach you.

Month Two: Emotions

Why is it important to know how to coach people on emotions? Don't emotions just happen? Isn't it true that we can't control our emotions?

It's true that we can't necessarily control our emotional reactions to things.

However, our emotions come from our thoughts and our beliefs. So as we learn what triggers our emotions, we are able to then better choose how we want to respond instead of react.

The second thing I will train you in with emotions, is how to "speak the language" of emotions with your clients. We often try to "logic" our emotions but our emotions are not using the same logic as our rational mind.

So in the processes I'll be teaching you on emotions, you'll be able to help yourself and your clients tap into your emotional logic, rather than your rational logic.

In doing this, you'll be able to have a new relationship with yourself and your emotions. You'll be able to help people make peace with their more challenging emotions and be able to illuminate and expand our emotions that perhaps we want to be present more often.

This is the beginning of emotional intelligence, my friend.

Month Three: Embodiment

This is the month we'll talk about gender, sxx, sxxuality, plsure and erotcsm.

How do I even begin to talk about how important this month is? I guess I'm hoping since you are interested in this program that you may already have some idea of just how vital these topics are.

This is also where we are starting to really dive into our area of specialty.

We don't talk about these topics in "normal" society. For most people these topics are very taboo. And since we haven't talked about them at length, in depth, to the fullest extent, there is a lot to unpack here.

The thing that I love about teaching and training on these topics is that since they aren't talked about as much, there is an enormous amount of learning and growth that's possible.

To be very clear, you could study about each of these topics individually for the rest of your life and still have more to know.

This training program is in depth, there is a lot of information to hold, and there is quite a lot to be responsible for when coaching people through these topics. That's also why I have a mentorship program so you can continue to use me as a resource, but we can talk about that after the certification is done.

Month Four: Relationships & Communication

Why in a relationship coaching certification program do I talk about relationships and communication last?

Because if we are not able to coach people in their limiting beliefs, stuck emotions or how that impacts how they see themselves as a relational human being, then we will fall short as relationship coaches.

Many challenges that people face in relationships start with the individual, how they are showing up and what their expectations are.

So once we get through that, then we can start to talk about what works in relation to other human beings, and how they can create agreements, set boundaries, communicate their wants needs and desires and have the mental and emotional fortitude to hear these same things from their partners.

Month Five: Practice, practice, practice

Month five!!! Ok you've learned A LOT at this point and now it's time to practice.

My suggestion is that you be practicing with your other cohort comrades or with a practice client (I'll explain how to get a practice client at the beginning of the program).

And now it's time to practice in real time and get feedback.

The best and quickest way to learn something is to:

1) Not be afraid to be bad at it at first.

2) Be willing to receive feedback.

3) Implement that feedback the next time you practice.

4) Continue the growth cycle! 1, 2, 3!

Part Two: Business Development

Yay! Business development! I love it! This is where you get to actually go DO the thing!!!

I believe building a business is similar to building non monogamous relationships. There are anchor points that you can use to ground yourself in what your business can look like, and then you can use those anchor points to be creative and have a business that feels authentic and good to you. 

Let me make one thing incredibly clear: I do not prescribe to hustle culture unless living the lifestyle sets your soul on fire. If you get lit up by working 14, 16, 20 hour days and you just eat this stuff up, awesome! I am not here to yuck anyone’s yum. 

However, I am not going to yuck the yum of someone who wants to work 2 hours a day either. 

This is about what feels good for YOU. What YOU want to create. What if your mind, heart and nervous system could align in your business, as well?

Well that is my goal. That you feel so aligned and inspired by your business baby that you oogle and oggle over it. You just can’t even get enough of it. AND you’re living the life and having the relationships that you want. 

We’ll start at the basics like how to start your LLC and grow into the anchor points of business and how you can move the needle forward.

For me, the anchor points of business are: 

  • Inner Work

  • Planning/Strategy

  • Marketing/Branding

  • Sales

  • Customer Success

  • Execution/Gamify

  • Team Building (If you want to do that)

What I would love is to be able to remove whatever barriers your are experiencing, get you clear on your goals and trajectory and then have you begin moving forward! My big ultimate goal is that you even have fun and get creative and make it your own. I know, I dream big. :)


(Exerpt from the Queer and Poly Podcast Episode 29)

Elizabeth has a special way of making you feel truly seen. She radiates positivity, and operates from a place of LOVE and radical acceptance. She is welcoming of all people and has a real gift for helping others find the things in life that will bring them joy. I have left every interaction with her feeling more energized and optimistic.

- Erin Allan, MA, RYT 500

I have known Elizabeth for several years now and have had the pleasure to work with her and get to know her. She is an outstanding and motivated person. She has a commitment to excellence and making a difference in the world few can rival. Every time I speak to her in any capacity I learn something new and I discover something about myself. She is a bright light in this world who I love knowing and having the privilege to work with and relate to.

- Adam Saieed, Entrepreneurial Coach Jaga.life

Elizabeth is a really unique combination of caring, nurturing, and comfort with leadership, strength, and transparent honesty that is hard to find. With my short time working to support her podcast I felt immediately comfortable working with her and passionate about supporting her in her mission. I can't imagine any space that wouldn't be safe to work with Elizabeth to not only feel comfortable, but feel heard, treated with respect, and felt as a priority. Work with her in whatever she does you won't regret it!

- Dave Swillum Audio Engineer Portland, ME

Elizabeth has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past year. She's not only one of the most positive people I've ever worked with, she's probably one of the most positive and inspiring people I've ever met.  Her energy, determination and passion is contagious. Coaching Elizabeth has given me the opportunity to get to know her on a deep level and I can say with absolute certainty that Elizabeth truly cares about the people she serves and the mission she's pursuing. She is a powerful transformational coach and leader who is committed to and gifted in getting people the results that they desire. If you ever have the chance to work with Elizabeth I'd highly recommend that you do whatever it takes to make it happen, you won't regret it!

- Jared Lim, Business Coach

As someone who recently became a freelancer, the biggest part of being a full-time employee with organizations ('W-2 employee') that I believed I would miss was being a part of a team. But the onboarding process, communication, and weekly meetings with Elizabeth has proved this fear wrong. Working with Elizabeth has been like working with a cheerleader who always expresses gratitude for the work that myself and other teammates are doing! She has encouraged me and helped me grow in many ways. Because of the trust that she has for me, I am learning to trust myself--my skills and decisions. It has helped me become more confident when working with other clients. So happy our paths crossed so we can work together.

- Lauren, she/her, Freelancer, 27

Elizabeth is so personable. When you talk to her, it's like talking to a friend who has open ears, open arms and an open heart. She makes you feel like she's known you forever - seen. Elizabeth offers such a range of perspectives and she's always open to something new. Nothing is off limits to her which makes anything possible. Elizabeth is all about what's possible. Dream it; do it. She'll help you live the life of your dreams.

- Michelle H, she/her, Seattle, WA

In one short call I went from thinking about how dating would one day work out for me to actually starting to make it work, and now have the kind of romantic life I quite literally only dreamed of having before. Elizabeth is an absolute marvel at what she does.

- Alec DuBois, he/him, Software Engineer, 31, Seattle, WA

I came to Elizabeth struggling with how to regulate my emotions and manage my relationships. Through the months I've been working with her, I discovered stories and tendencies about myself that have been holding me back from my happiness in relationships and life in general. Now, I am able to express what I need and what I am struggling with in a healthy manner. My life is shifting in multiple ways (relationships ending, relationships being worked on in loving ways, new job opportunities,  new town, etc.), and that is opening up doors and the boxes I have placed myself in throughout my life. She has helped me see that it is possible for me to be happy and still allow space for the people around me to be happy, no matter what space they hold in my life. She has helped me release so many unnecessary thoughts and take in what is possible. Elizabeth will expand your mind and your love, whatever that looks like.

- Cierra Jones (she/her), 27, Cheyenne, WY

Thank you for being such a rock for my growth and achieving my wildest dreams!

- Spencer Tribwell


Every month from February until November we will be meeting 4 times a month. We will have 3 group calls and 1 work day. 

The group calls will happen every week for the first 3 weeks of each month and the workday will be the third Saturday every month

Everything will be recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube Channel so if you do have to miss something due to life circumstances, you will still have access to the training.

To get certified there will be a written test and also a coaching session where you will coach me and use the tools you’ve learned. 

The total investment for the February 2024 cohort is $5,000.


What if I miss a class or workday? Will I be able to make it up?

While I highly recommend that you do your best to make it to as many sessions as possible, I also know that in 9 months life happens.

All classrooms and workdays will be recorded and available to you within 3 days after the session. You will also be supported by myself, Li Griebsch and your cohort via a group thread to ask questions and connect with one another.

Are there payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans are available! Click on the button to register and you will see all options.

If you don't see the options OR you don't see an option that works for you, please contact me (Elizabeth) at [email protected] (that's love @ elizabeth ann cunningham . com). I'd love to have a conversation with you about what works! Email headline 'Love Mastery Certification Questions'

Next Steps!

Ready to go?

If you don't see the options OR you don't see an option that works for you, please contact me (Elizabeth) at

[email protected]

(that's love @ elizabeth ann cunningham . com). I'd love to have a conversation with you about what works! Email headline 'Love Mastery Certification Questions'

Have questions?

This is your first step to making a difference in the lives of the people you love and care about, most of whom you haven't even met yet!

I cannot wait to have you in this program. I cannot tell you how happy and excited it makes me to mentor, guide and coach people in helping others in their love lives. This is my heart and my soul and I’m so happy to have you join me.

With love,

Elizabeth Cunningham

Love & Life Coach

CEO Speaking Love LLC