Love Deeper

Unlock the Pathway to

Non Monogamy

The intention of this course is to get you from where you are now, with whatever barriers you may be facing, to getting you the tools, skills, mindset and knowledge to create beautiful, healthy polyamorous relationships. Whether you currently have a partner or partners or you are solo poly this course is for you. 

So excited to be able to share this with all of you!

I created Love Deeper with one question in mind: What would someone need to build the foundations for healthy, happy and sustainable polyamorous or non monogamous relationships?

I took all of my knowledge, training and experience and Love Deeper was born.

Since creating this program, the people who have participated have all agreed that it is essential and life changing, not just for their polyamorous journeys but for the rest of their lives in general. One woman remarked that this should be taught in high school.

I'm so happy that this has helped so many people and I'm even more thrilled to be having this fun sale for y'all!

How this Course will Help you!

Shift from a monogamous mindset to a polyamorous mindset

When you are transitioning from monogamy to polyamory, there is a mindset shift that needs to happen. How you thought about relationships before, is not going to fully apply to how you need to think about your relationships now. 

Emotional Intelligence

How your mind works and how your emotions work are not the same. Your emotions work off of emotional logic which is not the same as the logic in your brain. Often we think if we have a “negative” emotion, then something bad must be happening out here. But that is not always the case. We can have a negative emotional reaction and nothing is wrong. That’s why we need to learn emotional intelligence; to get your heart and your head in alignment.

Complete the Past

Your relationships in the past (whether they were romantic or not) have formed the way you think about and act in relationships today. If we ignore our past, we leave out a large component of creating healthy relationships today. 

Agency or Autonomy

Many of us have learned to be in relationships based off of how other people act and behave. We are in a constant chess game. If they do this, I’ll do this. When they say this, then I’ll do this. Non monogamy offers an incredible opportunity to take back our own agency and autonomy and be in the driver’s seat of our life. 

Sex and Sexuality

AKA Listening to your body and removing shame! Let’s face it, we have grown up in a pretty puritanical culture. Sex and sexuality are not talked about or when they are talked about it’s not very empowering. Unpacking sex and sexuality is KEY to having healthy, happy and harmonious relationships (even if you’re not even that sexual of a human being).


Yes, attraction gets its own category. Did you know there are at least seven different types of attraction? Well, now you do. Most of the time we just equate attraction to liking someone or wanting to sleep with them. Not the case. I find that one of the main reasons people are having issues in their relationships, is because they don’t realize how they are attracted to one another. Then they try and have the relationship they should have instead of the relationship that could actually work.

Relationship Structures

Notice how this one isn’t even until number seven! After working through all of these anchor points (and it’s not necessarily linear) now we get to commitments, agreements, boundaries and the structure you want to create for your polyamorous or non monogamous relationships. Why it’s important that this is one of the last things to do, is because this gets rushed. If we haven’t worked through the previous six, then this is either going to be your best guess, or what you think it should be rather than what actually works for you.

Action and Communication

This is the “don’t talk about it, be about it” part. I know sometimes it’s easy to get caught in the ‘learning, growing, researching, talking’ phase. Action and communication are necessary to be able to make your dreams a reality. And I’m all about making exactly what you want real.

But does it work? And will it work for me?

Inside of Love Deeper over the past several years I have coached people from their early twenties to their seventies. 

I have coached artists, teachers, singers, entrepreneurs, kinksters, parents of young kids, parents with adults kids, grandparents, cis people, trans people, straight people, queer people, people with plenty of money and people who are just getting by, people in the US and outside of the US, people who are religious, clergy, atheists, people who have left the church, people who grew up in and escaped cults…

Quite literally, people from all walks of life. 

Here are the top reasons why people joined Love Deeper: 

I am just starting out in polyamory. I mean, I think I’m polyamorous. I guess that’s why I want to join. I want to know if this will actually work for me. I know that I love multiple people, but can I actually have relationships like this?

I want to learn and grow and love myself at a deeper level. I feel like in past relationships, I’ve always been the one to put myself last and I don't want to do that anymore. 

I want to be confident in dating. My partner seems to have more luck than me, and I feel like my confidence is sinking fast and that’s impacting our relationship.

I have been married or have just gotten out of a marriage of x amount of years. I want to discover who I am as a sexual person again. 

Here are some of the reported results that people have gotten: 

  • Ok, I know this is going to sound silly, but I really do love deeper now. I honestly didn't really know what you meant by ‘love deeper’ but it’s like I’ve discovered depths of love that I didn’t know existed. I love myself deeper. I love my partners deeper. I love my kids more, I didn’t even know that was possible. 

  • I have been able to set boundaries and keep them. I have healthier relationships and I don’t mind if people are upset with me about that, but the great part is that they are not. It’s like I thought people would be mad if I set a boundary, but our relationship is actually better. 

  • I feel so much more confident saying what I want and what I need. It’s truly amazing. 

  • I am literally living my dream life. When I told you at the beginning of the program that I wanted to start dating and live in a house with my partners and we’re all getting along… I actually didn’t think that was possible, and now that’s exactly what is happening. 

  • This program should be taught in high school. Everyone needs to learn all of the things you teach about relationships. We’re not taught this and we need to be.

  • This program has absolutely changed my life. I don’t even know how else to say it. I’m so grateful. 

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