My purpose is to be courageous, to expand the conversation of love on the planet so that all people are free.

About Elizabeth

Hi! It’s lovely to meet you. My name is Elizabeth Cunningham. Some people call me E. Liz is fine but mainly, I go by Elizabeth.

My love of love started early in my life! I remember the first crush I ever had when I was 5 years old. I always had multiple crushes at a time. Whether it was a kid at school or a dreamy TV star, my little heart just couldn’t contain itself. As I grew up I was the kid that people came to for relationship advice. I seemed to have a knack for love, relationships, and eventually sex. Then when high school hit, I began to realize that how I loved people, was starting to look different than how I was “supposed to” be doing it. This made me start to shy away from sharing my feelings but it also made me exceedingly curious about the “rules” that we placed around loving people. I questioned a lot as a kid and young adult, specifically around sexuality and gender…so much so, that I wanted to study it.

So I attended the University of Kansas, graduating with two bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Women, Gender, and Sexuality with an emphasis on Religion. I wanted to study what gets in our way from being able to express who we are the most. Politics, religion, and what we know (or more so what we don’t know) about gender and sexuality, are very large barriers in our ability to express ourselves or even get to know ourselves enough to be authentically expressed.

After college, I volunteered in Community Education and Outreach at the local domestic violence center. I helped create programs for teens and young people focusing on how to distinguish healthy from unhealthy relationships, bullying, self-esteem, and consent. One of my main objectives was to make sure that young women knew that they could say no. I also trained other volunteers, spoke at the university, created continuing education, and joined the LGBTQ+ Charter Team.

In 2014, I realized I wanted to teach people how to begin healthy relationships instead of helping people leave abusive ones.

In 2015, I began to take courses in the world of transformational coaching. I started coaching people in leadership in 2016. In 2017, the people I was coaching began to request coaching in polyamory given my background and experience.

Since then, I have built my business around helping people create polyamorous relationships that work. I’ve accomplished this through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, my social media content, and my shows Love Dripping from the Walls and The Elizabeth Cunningham Show.

I have helped hundreds of people personally and thousands of people through my content. It’s been my absolute honor and joy to be a polyamorous educator, coach, and speaker.

It is my purpose in life to help people discover their courage, to expand the conversation of love, and to support people in being completely free to be themselves.

My goal is for polyamorous and queer relationships to be completely normalized in our society and for people engaging in them to have the tools and resources for healthy and prosperous relationships.

Expanding the conversation of love to the world

Meet the Love Team


Liana Griebsch

Queer Relationship Coach

Co-Coach at Love Deeper

Hey there, lovely human! I am one of the coaches in the Love Deeper group program, as well as one of the creators behind the content that you see on the Love Deeper social media pages. I love being able to connect with you, whether through a message on Instagram, or in one of our 1-on-1 coaching sessions, because it’s through connection that we move closer to the transformation that you seek in your relationships and life. It’s an absolute gift to not only work with all of the beautiful people in our community, but to also be a part of the Love Team. We all share that same passion for expanding in love and making the courageous choices that will bring the changes that we desire. This team is a space of belonging and safety that I look forward to every day, which is the same space that we welcome you into!


Lauren M. McParland

Operations Lead

Hello! I am the lead on all things operations-related for Elizabeth and the team! You see my work when you open an email or receive an automated message after you sign a contract. It might sound boring, but I really enjoy setting up systems to make things easier for you all and the team…it's like solving a little puzzle each day! My hope is that by creating ease in the flow of how messages are received etc., it creates more space for expanding love. It allows you, our clients, to focus on being courageous as you dive into exploring love in your lives; and allows Elizabeth and the team to focus on supporting you all in this work. 


Lyra Salazar

Community Management

Mabuhay! I am Lyra, one of the L’s in the Love Team! I am in charge of finding people, experts and other resources. You may be interacting with me on Elizabeth’s social media accounts. It’s so exciting talking to all of you, listening to your stories and sharing the love with you! Creating a safe space and a warm community is our ultimate goal. Being part of the love team is home. It is where I can express myself freely and live authentically. I hope that you can feel the same way too!


Gemma Ciabattoni

Technical Assistant


Daniel Rhine

Financial & Legal Advisor

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