Is Love & Life Coaching right for you?

Transformational coaching is about removing the barriers that are stopping you from living your fully expressed life.

What is Love Coaching?

Let's start with, 'What is life coaching?'

Life coaching is removing blocks and barriers that are preventing you from living your life fully. It's clearing a pathway and creating a trajectory forward towards the life you want to live. It's empowering you to take the action necessary in creating this life.

So 'love coaching' is doing that except for specifically in the area of love.

So why do I call myself a 'Love & Life Coach'?

Other than I just love alliterations? haha.

I coach in the realm of relationships. In college, my degrees basically equalled studying gender & sexuality through the lens of politics and religion. Said another way, the relationship we have to gender & sexuality is heavily influenced by politics and religion.

Then I worked with the domestic violence center in Lawrence, KS for three years. I created trainings and talks about relationship dynamics and how they become abusive, while considering the different things in our lives that impact our relationships like race, gender, sexuality, ability, immigration status, etc.

Then in studying as a transformational life coach, I've had years of training in...

  • Communication, communication and more communication

  • How we can relate to one another in healthy ways

  • How our efforts in relating get thwarted

  • How we can right them again

  • How to heal from your past

  • Why we get stuck in drama and loops in our lives and how to get out of it

  • How to emotionally regulate in relationships

  • How we influence all of our relationships negatively and positively

  • How we can shift out trajectory at any time

When coaching people in relationships, you deal with their whole lives, because we are relating to everything around us. In coaching with me, my clients have remarked on how pretty much every area of their life has improved in some way.

"I didn't realize in working on my relationship with my wife, how greatly my relationship with my daughter would improve."

"Elizabeth, I use your coaching everywhere. I communicate differently at work. I understand my mom more. I relate to my kids better. This has literally touched every area of my life."

"Truly Elizabeth, I never thought what I would get out of this is such a deep and profound love for myself. I feel like me before coaching would've thought this was so corny, but I really love myself more than I ever have."

So in essence, why I call myself a Love & Life Coach is because it's true and maybe it also serves as a warning.

WARNING: Contents in here may cause every area of your life to improve, not just your romantic relationships!

Create your non traditional relationships with Love and Integrity.

Are you someone who's love doesn't fit in the conventional box? Do you find yourself disillusioned by how relationships are "supposed" to go? Do you find yourself wondering if there's something wrong with you for feeling this way? Or maybe you've thought, "I just need to be ok with not being ok in romantic relationships because they'll never truly fit how I feel."?

I remember the beginning of high school I had a crush on three different people. My mindset at the time was I needed to pick one because you can only be with one person at the time. Over the years I became more and more ashamed of this thing I had about liking multiple people all at once. I thought something was wrong with me. From how I was raised, if you weren't committed to just one person then you were a cheater. So I thought, "This is what cheaters must feel like."

Fast forward to college. My shame had turned into hate for myself. I had been dating someone I loved dearly, yet I still found myself being attracted to others. That coupled with my recent befriending of alcohol, lead me to make some regrettable decisions.

After our breakup I had a serious talk with myself. "Are you really going to hate yourself for the rest of your life? Or are you going to embrace this part of you?"

Well, I hope it's evident which road I took. I felt free. I felt like I could fully be myself. I started dating whoever I wanted and being as open and transparent about dating multiple people at a time as possible. It was a few months later that I was introduced to the word 'polyamory' and thought, "Oh my gosh! This is me! I'm not alone!"


Some testimonials are anonymous due to the sensitive nature of our work.


Rusty Gabhardt

Gym Manager

Elizabeth is a phenomenal relationship coach. I have been in a polyamorous relationship for almost five years. About a year ago, I started dating another partner and the three of us have been living together in the same house for the last six months. The living situation has been good, but my first partner and I were growing apart. Our lives were moving in very different directions while my newer partner and I are very much on the same life path. This had created for me a lot of “managing” of the situation and was very exhausting. I was also very concerned about breaking her heart.

After a thirty minute [session] with Elizabeth, I knew exactly what I needed to do. Elizabeth asked questions to help me distinguish what I already knew needed to happen and I went home resolved to have the conversation. There is a new freedom within my relationship with my now former partner and my current partner. With Elizabeth’s coaching, I was able to deal powerfully with what was actually happening in the relationship and to handle it with grace and love.

Brian Prince


Megan Taylor

Founder, Bold Babe Collective

The Love Empress!!! I wanted to meet with Elizabeth because I was seeking clarity on my dating journey - to figure out what I was looking for and next steps to call LOVE into my life. Elizabeth helped me realize through the course of our call that I actually am quite clear on what I am looking for, but that the biggest place I’ve been getting stuck is that I’ve been forcing myself to date at a pace that ...well...feels uphill and isn’t sexy. So she’s really helped guide me into accepting that where I am currently is the perfect place to call in my partner - and to do that from a place of spaciousness, peace and power. From here I’m feeling more expansive and trusting.


Elizabeth, during the first session that we had, you openly admitted that you had some experience working with individuals with autism and neurodiversity, but in practice you were limited. This put me at ease, mostly because you instantly understood what I needed most, and that was honesty. I had so little in the year up until that point in October, that when you gave me that less than one half ounce, I clung to it. You may have known and seen that, but most people would not have. You proved consistency after, which was vital. Even more than that, in the right moment you challenged not only present perspectives that I had but how those perspectives had been formed over time. Then I was instantly laid open. I had nothing else I could do but the work to repair, to see the pieces of myself and lodge them together in the best way that I could figure. So I did, and where am I now? I am open, settled, calm, peaceful, no less driven, so much more connected to my deepest sense of power. I will take your lessons to other lives.

I would say all of this because I know that in our lives we have the few opportunities to fall upon one or two individuals, perhaps even more, that alter the DNA of our lives. I live a life surrounded by these people, and Elizabeth is among the gifted. My life has been so difficult these last two years, in ways that I cannot begin to relay it here. I never really hashed the full extent of it out to Elizabeth, however I did face it, I did learn from it, and I am better for it, so much better for it. I am so thankful for my time and work with Elizabeth!”

- Anonymous


Tayler Kurtzman

Owner, Level Up Massage

When I first started coaching a lot of the goals I had were around learning to love myself, figuring out what I wanted in life and how to get there. My communication needed improvement, especially when I was talking to women I was interested in. I also wanted to figure out what I wanted in a relationship. Over the course of my time working with Elizabeth, we started to achieve this. We began with words of affirmation to myself. We deep-dived into my mental state, figuring out how I view myself and how I could boost myself up and be more proactive in my life and get things done. When it came to dating, I learned to be more vulnerable. I noticed this led to more productive dates and much more engaged and meaningful conversation with people. We talked a lot about what I want later on down the road and how I can achieve that. I was learning how my mental state affects not only me but how I view the world. Now that I have gone through the course, I'm much more confident. I have an easier time talking to people and communicating my feelings and intentions. I have been able to carry that into my own personal business, which is fantastic.

I'm so much happier. I want to be in a relationship down the road, I'm still searching. I've had better dates than I've had before and now I know my own self-worth. I will not settle for something just to fill a void because I'm so full as it is right now. ​So I highly recommend Elizabeth. She does a great job. If you're willing to challenge yourself and be vulnerable with yourself, it's well worth it. Give it a shot. ​

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